Shock Till You Drop - 2015: Sam’s Most Anticipated

2015: Sam’s Most Anticipated

Samuel Zimmerman

2015 kicks in proper and we’re all back to work. So what do we have to look forward to? Movies. Between the holidays, I ran down the films I’ve been lucky enough to see already, and which I know will take many of you by storm this year. Here, you and I are in the same boat. What am I, as a horror fan, anticipating? Disregarding the films we’re not even aware of, I think the following is a tidy, diverse peek at the horrors ahead. ...

Some Kind of Hate

The feature debut of director and comic writer Adam Egypt Mortimer, Some Kind of Hate is looking like a hard-edged supernatural slasher, one that will twist perceptions of popular Disney stars Sienna McCormick and Grace Phipps in the process. Mortimer tells Shock, “Some Kind of Hate began when I discovered that my writing partner on a previous project – novelist Brian DeLeeuw – was a Slayer fan. I said, ‘Brian, we should write a Nightmare on Elm Street-styled paranormal slasher movie, but we should approach it like an emotionally intense indie drama.’ The idea was to make the emotional violence equal to the physical violence. To find our 2015 Freddy, we came up with Moira Karp — an enraged 17 year old girl who died as the result of high school bullying and who has returned on a revenge bender. We made a slasher movie that tries to really be about something, while being super violent and even beautiful.” Promised to be anamorphic and brutal, Some Kind of Hate is expected at fests in 2015.

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